The Criollo Project

Criollo is an heirloom variety of cacao and its cultivation and use can be traced back to the Mayas and Aztecs. However, over time, the cultivation of this variety was gradually abandoned because of its low yield, and thus, it was almost lost. Today, this rare variety of cacao represents only 0.001% of all the cacao produced in the world. Unlike other cacao varieties, which contain astringent and rough tannins, Criollo is known around the world for its unique creaminess, roundness, and sweetness as it does not contain any tannins. The result is a quality of cocoa unrivaled to others. Through the Criollo Project, Domori has recovered this precious variety of cacao and simultaneously created the largest plantation of its kind in the world, which is located in Venezuela.

Hacienda San José

In Venezuela, Domori has established a 50% joint venture with the famous Franceschi family of the Hacienda San Josè. From this collaboration the Criollo recovery project was born, which was carried out through research, project design, and the construction of the first nurseries, until 2001, the year in which Domori acquired 50% of the plantation. With a total surface area of 320 hectares, of which 185 are cultivated with cacao grafts with a density of 1000 plants per hectare, the plantation represents today a world heritage in matters of taste and biodiversity, as Domori recovered over 10 varieties of Criollo cacao.