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This is Arriba.

From the combination of the Domori supply chain project and revolutionary bean to bar technology, we present Domori Editions: a limited and special batch of chocolate bars from our latest harvest of cocoa beans.


Origin: Ecuador, Hacienda Victoria
Fine Cocoa: Forastero Nacional
Harvested: November e December 2016
Produced: February 10th, 2017
Number of bars crafted: 500

The latest cocoa harvest from Hacienda Victoria has just arrived in Italy, has passed our strict quality controls and is now ready for the roasting process. 
Crafted for the 2017 Milan Salon du Chocolat, this variety of Forastero Nacional has strong notes of hazelnut, banana and citrus fruits that result in a fresh and delicate taste.

Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador

Since its foundation, Domori has been selecting the genetic varieties of cocoa, choosing the most rare and aromatic species, in order to preserve the cocoa biodiversity and achieve a rich aromatic profile of the chocolate. For this project, Domori actively cooperates with the Hacienda Victoria in Ecuador which, thanks to the sensitivity of Andres Guzman, creates awareness among producers, valuing their contribution even in the post-harvest selection phases.

In fact, during the delicate fermentation process that happens in the plantations after the harvest, the genetic potential of the cocoa beans develops the origins of the aromas. In the following roasting process, the rich organoleptic profile of the chocolate is fully developed.

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