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Snack Kit with Dammann Frères cold teas

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A selection of Dammann Frères cold teas at a special price.

For relaxing moments at any time of the day, especially for snack!

Limited availability

This kit contains the following Dammann Frères cold teas:

  • Touareg: Mint flavoured green tea for a perfect drink for your summer: a blend of extreme power and freshness. With remarkable notes of mint is the perfect accompaniment for your refreshing cocktails!
  • Bali: A blend that gently combines green tea and jasmin tea with fruity notes. A predominant note of exotic fruits, with Litchi, pink grapefruit, peach and rose, which give to this tea a really special final touch, for its aromatic intensity. Tip for your perfect cocktail: add a half liter of sparkling water or lemonade to your infusion, slices of lime and some lives of mint! It will become an irresistible drink for your summer and for your aperitifs with friends.
  • Fidji: Energizing green tea, which awakens the taste buds! Based on the aroma of green lemon, lemongrass, pieces of ginger and lemon zest. A real elixir of freshness and beauty. Ginger, in fact, is a very popular root: scented, fresh, with a slight spicy aftertaste plays an important role of antioxidant and protection from free radicals and is a real mine of nutritional properties for your body. Try it also served with ice, diluted with tonic water and a mint leaf..Irresistible!
  • Peche: Green tea flavored with peach and peach flower. An exquisite invitation in the heart of the orchards: the delicacy of the peach blossom and the softness of a delicious summer fruit. A drink with a velvety and delicate taste, extremely recognizable for the predominant note of fresh fruit and peach. Lovers of this fruit, rich in vitamin C, refreshing and thirst quenching, will surely remain ecstatic.
  • Jardin Bleu: A black tea emblematic of the maison Dammann Frères with a delicious flavor of wild berries, with accentuated notes of rhubarb and wild strawberry combined with petals of cornflower. Try it even cold: after leaving it in infusion for eight hours, add a few leaves of basil, 200g of strawberries and iced cubes.. You will get a fresh and thirst quenching cocktail with an intense aroma.
  • Samba: A mixture of hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, rosehip and orange peel, with notes of mango and tropical fruits, with cornflower and marigold flowers for a sparkling drink signed Dammann Frères. Enjoy the intense tropical taste of Samba tea even in cold: add to your infusion some vanilla pods, pineapple cubes, brown sugar and ice. Enjoy it in company for precious moments of relax!

A quick and easy method of preparation with the addition of honey to enhance the aromas of each mixture

Preparation for 1 Lt carafe

Yeld: 5 glasses (350 ml)

Tea: 50-70g depending on the type of tea

Ice: 500g 

Honey: 100-120g depending on the type of tea.


  • Heat the water to the recommended temperature depending on the type of tea.
  • Use kettles with adjustable temperature
  • Add honey or sugar to the hot water and stir until completely dissolved
  • Add tea and stir with a spoon for proper infusion in the required time
  • Fill a carafe with 1.5 Kg of ice
  • Add the hot tea to the carafe with ice and filter it at the same time with a strainer
  • This is done to speed up the cooling of the infusion
  • Then remove the ice from the carafe
  • Store the infusion for 3 days in the fridge
  • Serve with ice in a 350 ml glass

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