Iced tea Touareg Dammann Frères


Dammann Frères iced tea is easy to prepare, pleasant and refreshing, whether with simple ice cubes or as an accompaniment to refined cocktails..

Try the Touareg: green tea flavored with mint!.

Main note: Mint.

Infusion type: Green tea.

Main flavor: Mint.

Complementary flavor: Vegetable.

Inside the box you will find 6 bags, each for infusion of one liter.


Green Tea, mint leaves, a natural aroma of mint give this very aromatic mixture considerable power and freshness.


A quick and easy method of preparation with addition of honey to enhance the aromas of each mixture...

Preparation for 1 liter carafe 
Yield: 5 glasses (350 ml)
Tea : 50-70 gr depending on the type of tea.
Ice: 500 gr
Honey: 100-120 gr depending on the type of tea.


  • Heat the water to the recommended temperature depending on the type of tea.
  • Use kettles with adjustable temperature 
  • Add flower honey or sugar to the hot water and stir until completely dissolved 
  • Add tea and stir with a spoon for proper infusion in the required time 
  • Fill a carafe with 1.5 kg of ice .
  • Add the hot tea to the carafe with ice, filtering it at the same time with strainer. 
  • This is done to speed up the cooling of the infusion.
  • Then remove the ice from the carafe. Successivamente togliere il ghiaccio dalla caraffa.
  • Keep the infusion for 3 days in the refrigerator. 
  • Serve it with ice in a 350 ml glass. 


  • Put a bag of ice tea Touareg Dammann Frères in a carafe 
  • Add one liter of water , the melon balls previously emptied with a spoon, the cucumber and the strawberries of the gariguette cut into four parts.
  • Leave to infuse in the refrigerator for 8 hours.
  • Serve it cold, to be consumed during the day. 

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