Peach Iced Tea Dammann Frères


Dammann Frères cold tea is easy to prepare and pleasant, both with simple ice cubes and as an accompaniment to refined cocktails.
Try the peach blend: green tea flavored with peach and peach flowers!

Dominant note: Orchard Fruits
Type of infusion: Green Tea
Main flavour: Peach
Complementary flavour: Peach Blossom

Box of 6 sachets - up to 6 x 1 litres of iced tea

A quick and easy preparation method with the addition of honey to enhance the aromas of each blend.

Preparation for 1lt jug.

Yield: 5 glasses (350 ml)
Loose tea: 50-70 gr depending on the type of tea.
Ice: 500 gr Honey 100-120 gr depending on the type of tea.


  • Heat the water to the recommended temperature according to the type of tea.
  • Use boilers with adjustable temperature.
  • Add flower honey or sugar to hot water and mix until completely dissolved.
  • Add the tea and mix with a spoon for a correct infusion in the required time.
  • Fill a carafe with 1.5 kg of ice.
  • dd the hot tea to the carafe with ice, filtering it simultaneously with a strainer.
  • This operation is carried out to speed up the cooling of the infusion.
  • Then remove the ice from the carafe.
  • Store the infusion for 3 days in the refrigerator.
  • Serve with ice in a 350 ml glass.


  • Infuse a sachet of Dammann Frères Pêche iced tea for around 8 hours in 12 cl of Grand Marnie.
  • Separately, infuse a second sachet of Pêche iced tea in 1 l. of spring water.
  • In a jug, place 2 sliced oranges and the first infusion, leaving the tea sachet in.
  • Add ½ litre of freshly squeezed orange juice and two cinnamon sticks, and chill for 30 minutes.
  • Before serving, add the Pêche iced tea.

Enjoy your tasting!

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