A single, great idea: to save the finest cocoa varieties in the world from extinction, maintain their original flavor and make them accessible to chocolate enthusiasts around the world.

Domori was the first company in the world to utilize exclusively aromatic (fine) cocoa.

It is a bold choice, because these varieties are the rarest, most delicate and least productive. Fine cocoa, in fact, represents only 10% of the global harvest.

Criollo, the pride of Domori, is the world's rarest variety and makes up only 0,001% of global production.

This courageous choice not only gives birth to a chocolate with a unique aromatic bouquet, but also the respect for and conservation of biodiversity.

In fact, from its origins, the company has been fighting for the protection of valuable varieties of cocoa, of their natural habitat and of the farmers who work in them.

In 2002, Domori invested in Hacienda San José to rediscover the seven varieties of Criollo cocoa, making it a unique universal heritage for its biodiversity.