A single, great idea: to save from extinction the varieties of the finest cocoa in the world, maintain their original flavorand make them accessible to the great chocolate enthusiasts around the world.

First among all chocolate manufacturers, Domori employs only fine cocoa plants.

A bold choice, because these are the most delicate varieties, the rarest and less productive. Fine cocoa, in fact, represents only 10% of the global harvest and the Criollo, the rarest variety of all, little more than 0,001%.

The courage of this choice not only allows the production of a chocolate with a varied aromatic bouquet, but also the respect and conservation of biodiversity.

From its origins, the company has been fighting for the protection of valuable varieties of cocoa, of their natural habitat and of the farmers who work in them.

In 2002, Domori invested in the Hacienda San José bringing back to light the six varieties of Criollo cocoa and transforming it into a unique universal heritage for its biodiversity.