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The Recipe

Made with water or milk, cocoa mass gelato is produced as it was over two centuries ago using pure cocoa mass, the only ingredient capable of naturally conferring persistence and balance, as well as exalting the aromatic notes of cacao even at service temperatures below zero.

Chosen today as the preferred production method by those who want to value the cacao and its nuances, cocoa mass gelato perfectly expresses the current trend in the world of gelato, i.e. the choice and exaltation of qualitative ingredients from respectful sources. In fact, cocoa mass is exclusively produced from the best cacao beans, which are roasted, peeled and ground using a refining mill.


  1. Water 646g
  2. Cane Sugar 200g
  3. Salt 2g
  4. Carob Flour 2g
  5. Cocoa Mass 72% 150g


Combine the carob flour with the sugar.

Add water.

Heat the mixture to 65°C

Pour the hot mixture on top of the cocoa mass drops.

Emulsify it with an immersion blender.

Leave the mixture to rest. When it reaches room temperature, stir everything in the gelatiera.

Here you are gelato!

How to recognize a good gelato made with cocoa mass?

  1. Excellent ingredients: single origin cacao
    In order for the gelato to be aromatic, the ingredients must be aromatic. It’s always better if the ingredients are sourced from a controlled supply chain in order to be sure of the origin and the post-harvest treatment.

  2. The color
    The gelato should never be black, but rather have a more amber, clear tone.

  3. The flavour
    To understand whether the gelato is truly good, you must first of all taste it. Search for the aromatic bouquet of the used cacao variety.

  4. The tasting
    A good gelato should leave a clean feeling in the mouth.

  5. Short ingredient list
    In the list of ingredients, exposed by law in every gelato shop, there must be written “cocoa mass".

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