Domori takes care of the process starting from the plantations, from the grafting of the world’s best varieties according to sensory maps
The careful attention paid at every stage of production is vital to preserve the aromatic notes that are naturally present in the cocoa beans of the best selected varieties.

1. Roasting at low temperatures

Domori roasts the cocoa beans at a temperature of 120° C, a temperature that is lower by 30° C compared to the 150° C at which cocoa beans are traditionally roasted in the tradition and technology of the chocolate.


2. Conching

Conching is a process required for the emulsion and the lowering of the acidity of cocoa.
In this phase of the process, the chocolate is mixed and shuffled. This processing stage, which usually has a duration of 72 hours at a temperature of 80° C, is achieved by Domori in just 5 hours at a temperature of 50° C. This is possible thanks to the choice of fine selected cocoa, which requires less processing, and by the use of an innovative ball mill.


3. Short Recipe

Cocoa mass and cane sugar. There is no additional butter than the one naturally contained in the cocoa bean, there is no added vanilla flavoring and no soy lecithin as emulsifier.