Guasare Napolitains

Guasare Napolitains

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Guasare is a rare variety and the mother of all Criollo, and has been grown in the Domori plantation in Venezuela since 2002. Among chocolate tasters, it is famous for its finesse, characterized by aromas of dried fruit and honey. This is a perfectly executed Criollo, try the napolitains version!

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Dark Chocolate Napolitains 4.7 g Cocoa min. 70% (origin Venezuela)

Ingredients :  Criollo Cocoa mass, cane sugar.

May contain traces of nuts, milk and soy.
4.7 g (single piece) .

Store at 14-20°C (57-68°F).


Energy (per 100 gr) Kcal : 554  -   KJ .2304
Fat 37.0 g
Satured fat 14.0 g
Carbohydrate 42.0 g
Sugars 29.0 g
Fiber 8.5 g
Protein 9.0 g
Salt 0.14 g