Trinitario Line 75g - 70%

Trinitario Line 75g - 70%


Trinitario is an aromatic cacao, hybrid of Criollo and Forastero cacao, combining some of the aromatic and sensory features of the former with the vigour and high yield of the latter.
Today it represents around 8% of the global harvest.

Taste it in 70% version: notes of dates, cereals and cream notes emerge above all.

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Energy (for 100g) 558.5, KJ 2254.5
Fat 12 g
of which saturated fat 14 g
Carbohydrate 41 g
of which Sugars 29 g
Fiber 8.5 g
Protein 10 g
Salt 0.14 g

Extra dark chocolate Trinitario 70% - 75 g

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cane sugar


May contain traces of nuts and milk. 
75 g
Store at 14 - 20 °C (57-68°F).