Our Story

From the creative mind of Gianluca Franzoni

Domori was founded by the creative mind and passion for nature, gastronomy and cocoa of Gianluca Franzoni who, in 1993, after his studies in Economics & Business, arrived in Venezuela and, fascinated by the magic of cocoa, decided to develop a business model to reposition fine cacao.

Franzoni lived in the field for three years. He experimented with different varieties and post-harvest processing in order to preserve Venezuela’s biodiversity and prevent the extinction of a particularly extra-fine quality cacao: CRIOLLO.

The name “DOMORI” was born out of love for 17th-century Venice, a symbol of trade, travel and adventure. In Venetian dialect, "domori" means “Due Mori” (two moors), a typical expression that refers to the two statues that mark the time on the large bell at the top of the clock tower in Piazza San Marco. 

Today the company is based in None, just outside Turin. Since 2006, Domori is part of the Illy SpA Group whose president is Riccardo Illy.  

Domori, since its birth in 1997, has been a real revolution for the world of cacao:

It was the first chocolate company to use only fine cocoa, focusing on high quality. 

The first to produce a chocolate with Criollo cacao, the rarest and most valuable ever.

The first to control the entire supply chain starting from the plantations located in Central & South & America and to have its own plantation, allowing it to recover the biodiversity of Criollo cacao.

The first to rediscover and use an ancient and simple formula for chocolate using only cocoa paste

The first to create a 100% pure Criollo cacao bar.

And finally, the first chocolate maker to create a Chocolate Tasting Code for discovering the infinite nuances of cacao.

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