The only way to make high quality production truly sustainable is to pay farmers well.

The relationship with the producers

Domori directly selects the producers of its raw materials and collaborates closely with them, establishing long-term relationships of mutual growth. It is important that the grower is treated well and satisfacted about the selling price of his cocoa.

Since it is a low-yield cultivation, Domori aims to train cocoa producers by passing on to them the knowledge to increase productivity and maintain high quality standards. The training sessions in the field are continuous and are focused on the botanical aspects of cocoa, on the post-harvest segment and on the fermentation process. 

The value recognized to the producers is constant: usually, in fact, the minimum wage of a cocoa farmer is strongly conditioned by the listing on the stock exchange, by the type of cocoa grown and by the production area, all factors that strongly reduce the value recognized to the production, often affecting its quality as a direct consequence.

We believe that the only way to make high quality production truly sustainable is to pay farmers correctly: this is why Domori adds a fair margin to the price of the international market, thus covering production costs and compensating farmers for their constant commitment and dedication in obtaining a superior quality product.

Collaborations with associations and NGOs for the development of coca substitute crops

Domori's relationship with cocoa-producing countries includes collaborations with NGOs, governments and cooperatives, to convert coca-growing areas to cocoa crops, making the plantations a source of livelihood for local populations.

Domori worked in Colombia with Asoprolan, a cooperative of coffee and cocoa growers in the Santandereana region of Montana, where the UNODC (United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime) - the United Nations Agency for Drug Control and Prevention of crime - received land management from the Colombian government to help farmers abandon coca cultivation, through the Venezuelan Criollo and Trinitario cocoa plant. Domori has provided technical and training support, then making the most of cocoa thanks to the introduction on the market of the fine chocolate sector. In this way it was possible to guarantee growers a price that would convince them to abandon coca in favor of the cultivation of cocoa.

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