Low-Impact Process

Our innovation is based on a perfect combination: the finest raw materials in the world, processed with low-impact technology.

Our meticulous attention to each production phase is essential to preserving the aromatic notes naturally found in the beans of the top varieties selected.

Roasting at low temperatures

One of the factors that influences the high level of acidity of chocolate is prolonged roasting at high temperatures. Low-quality cacao, which is submitted to an incorrect fermentation process, is often roasted at high temperatures. This is done to disguise the defects of the cacao beans.

By contrast, Domori focuses on careful selection of properly fermented cocoa that is naturally rich in valued aromatic notes. Hence a temperature of 120°C is sufficient for roasting our cocoa, further intensifying and enriching its aromatic profile.


Domori's low-impact processing method involves refining the cocoa nibs into cocoa liqueur by the unconventional use of a ball mill.

The cocoa nibs are placed inside a mill with rotating arms, which move the stainless steel balls. The friction generated by the movement leads to a rise in temperature (45°C) and the resulting melting of the cocoa butter. Hence the liqueur is obtained, which is also known as cocoa mass, the size of the particles of which are at least 10 microns. Traditionally, once refined, the cocoa mass is submitted to conching, which is necessary to emulsify and lower the acidity of the product. This process can last up to 72 hours, during which the cocoa mass reaches a temperature of 80°C. This phase is essential if the chocolate is produced using low-quality raw materials, which have a high level of acidity.

By choosing to process aromatic cacao only and selecting the best varieties, submitted to controlled fermentation, Domori does not use conching, because it does not need to reduce excess acidity and at the same time, it wants to preserve all the aromatic properties present in the beans. The ball mill is equipped with a water-cooled chamber, used to prevent the temperature generated by the friction of the balls with the mass from exceeding 45°C, above which temperature there would be a risk of losing aromatic components.

Thanks to this unusual production process, 200kg of cocoa mass is produced in six hours.

Short recipe

Domori dark chocolate has always been produced according to the shortest and simplest recipe: just cocoa paste and cane sugar. No emulsifiers or artificial aromas are added, nor is there any added cocoa butter other than that which occurs naturally in the cocoa beans.

Cocoa beans naturally contain all the cocoa butter necessary for making chocolate as they are made up of 50% fats.

Domori’s decision is based on a desire to preserve the aroma naturally contained in the best varieties of aromatic cacao and return it to chocolate lovers, with no alterations.

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