Domori cocoa selection method

Control of the entire production chain is an essential value in guaranteeing the quality of Domori chocolate: all the cocoa used in our products is selected by means of diverse skills developed within the firm, the role of which is to ensure that the raw materials always have the highest and most sophisticated standards.

Before confirming each supply, Domori receives a sample of 2kg of cacao, which is submitted to laboratory analysis, to check that it complies with the set qualitative standards: chemical - physical and toxicological analyzes are performed and the "cut test" on the cacao beans , before it is processed and made into chocolate bars. The chocolate bars are then tasted by a panel of experts to ensure the suitability of the product from an organoleptic perspective.

The cut test is used to assess the degree of fermentation of the raw cacao beans. It is done by using a guillotine to dissect lengthwise a sample of beans and assess their colour on the inside, then comparing it with a reference standard table.

Domori accepts exclusively lots with at least 70% perfectly fermented cocoa beans, entirely free of visible defects to the naked eye. Using imperfectly fermented beans would have a negative impact on the aromatic profile and overall quality of the product.

Each sample of cocoa beans is then made into chocolate bar and tasted by a panel of experts, which profiles its sensory aspects and defines its qualitative value.

Lastly, Domori informs the cacao producer of the results of the tests performed and then proceeds with purchasing or suggests action to be taken for improvement based on any defects found.

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