The Criollo

The criollo cocoa represents only the 0,001% of all the cocoa harvested in the world.

To create Domori chocolate and its unique aromatic complexity, Criollo cocoa is directly sourced from our plantations in Venezuela and processed every day in our facilities in None, Turin, with a short and pure recipe.

This choice is combined with our innovative productive process, where each phase is designed to preserve the aromatic notes naturally found in the Criollo beans.

The Short Recipe

1. Cocoa Mass (70% and above)

2. Cane Sugar (30% or less)

The Domori Criollo Project

The largest collection of Criollo in the world : a world heritage for the taste and recovery of the biodiversity of many Criollo cacao varieties.
Criollo is a variety of cacao that was at risk of extinction: it is the cacao of the Mayas and the Aztecs, whose cultivation has been progressively abandoned due to its low yeld. It is a rare and fragile cacao and represents only 0,001% of the cocoa produced in the world. Yet the quality of the cacao is unmatched: naturally free of all tannins, which give the product acidity and astringency, the Criollo boasts a creaminess, roundness and sweetness that are unique in the world. With the Criollo project, Domori has recovered this precious variety of cacao, creating the largest plantation in the world in Venezuela.
It was Domori who laid the foundations of the Criollo project in 1994: after visiting a plantation in Porcelana, Venezuela, Gianluca Franzoni began to inform himself through farmers and research centres, to find out more about the varieties of Criollo and their characteristics. In the same year he created the first nursery, collecting material and making grafts to recover Criollo. A relationship with Venezuela was born, that 20 years later is now stronger than ever, thanks to the collaboration with Hacienda San Josè.

The collaboration with Hacienda San Josè

In Venezuela, Domori has set up a 50% joint venture with the historic Franceschi family. This partnership led to the Criollo recovery project involving researching, designing and building the first greenhouses up until 2001, when Domori bought 50% of the plantation. With a total area of 320 hectares, of which 185 grafted to cocoa with a density of 1000 plants per hectare, the plantation today represents a world heritage for the taste and recovery of the biodiversity of Criollo cacao.

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