Domori’s story began with a dream: to get to the heart of chocolate, taking the raw material, the cacao, to places where the chocolate industry has never been before.

Its unique and great insight has allowed it to save the finest variety of cacao in the world from extinction, preserving the original aromas and making them accessible to chocolate enthusiasts all over the world. A brave choice, because these are the most delicate, rare and lowest-yield varieties. Aromatic cacao, also known as fine cacao or cocoa, makes up just 10% of the global harvest, whereas Criollo cacao, the rarest variety of all, makes up just over 0.01%. This courageous choice not only allows us to produce a kind of chocolate with a wide range of fragrant aromas, but also to respect and conserve biodiversity.

Domori was the first company in the world to process exclusively fine cacao and the human element of production is equally important to that of the raw material. Only the meticulous and expert touch of the Domori technical staff can ensure the diverse aromas of the cocoa are preserved and accentuated in the end product.

Since the outset, our company has fought to protect these fine varieties of cacao, their natural habitat and the farmers who work there.

Leading where nobody has ever been with chocolate, recovering the pure essence of noble cocoa is a passion for Domori, a project and a magnificent obsession, that aims to involve all the key players in its world: the growers, the production technicians, the distribution network, the media, the customers and the consumers.

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