Guaranteed High-Quality Standards

Controlling the entire production chain is an essential value for Domori

All the cacao used is selected thanks to layers of skills developed inside the company, whose role is to ensure that the raw materials always meet sophisticated quality standards. 
For each type of cacao purchased, Domori finds a partner with whom we can create a pact based on mutual trust. Each type of chocolate is made using cacao from specific plantations, selected to meet Domori quality standards. 

The cut test is used to assess the degree of fermentation of the raw cacao beans. It is done by using a guillotine to slice a sample of cacao beans and evaluate the color inside, matching it to a table of reference standards. Domori only accepts lots with over 70% perfectly fermented beans free of visual defects. Using imperfectly fermented beans would negatively affect the aromatic profile and result in non-constant quality in the finished product.

Each cacao sample is then transformed into chocolate and tasted by a panel of experts, who draw up a sensory profile and state its quality. At the end of the whole process, Domori sends a response to the producer of the cacao lot, whether or not we decide to continue with the purchase. 

Domori agrees the value of the cacao purchased directly with each supplier, setting a price that takes into consideration the production cost, various levels of bean value (which vary by country) and the specific quality standards achieved. The amount we pay to producers remains constant: in fact, the minimum salary of a cacao farmer is usually strongly affected by the stock exchange, the type of cacao grown and the area it is grown in, all factors that can have a heavy impact on value and thereby affect quality.

The cacao lot selected using the Domori Method is then sent to Italy, and arrives in None for processing. 

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