Porcelana Chocolate Bar - Limited Edition


A limited edition version of the most precious and fragile Criollo cocoa. Two simple ingredients: Porcelana Criollo and cane sugar.


Criollo Porcelana is the rarest and most valued variety of Criollo cocoa as the plant is extremely delicate.

Criollo is a rare and fragile variety of cocoa and represents only 0.001% of the cocoa produced in the world. The quality of this cocoa has no equal being free of tannins, which give the product harshness and astringency. In fact, Criollo boasts a unique creaminess, roundness, and sweetness.

Domori has recovered this precious variety of cocoa that risked extinction, giving rise to the largest plantation in the world in Venezuela. From this plantation, we receive the raw material that we transform every day through the shortest and purest recipe in the world.

The name of this particular variety of Criollo cocoa derives from the shape of the fruit: oval, with a completely smooth and translucent surface, which is reminiscent of the appearance of porcelain.

Porcelana is also one of the weakest cocoa: once ripe, the fruits are easy prey for insects and fungi and often the harvest is not enough to turn it into chocolate.

From a gustatory point of view, this precious cocoa gives a bar that brings notes of bread, butter, and jam to the palate, giving it an exalting roundness.

Formerly cultivated in the Andes, this variety was rediscovered and grafted by Domori in the late 1990s, on the Hacienda San José plantation, in Venezuela.

Criollo Porcelana 70%

Download (262.23k)

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