Chuao Chocolate Bar - Limited Edition


Gifted by incredible natural roundness and sweetness, Chuao chocolate bars are now available in a special limited edition pack. 


Chuao is an ancient variety of Criollo cocoa, which takes its name from the plantations and in particular from the Venezuelan peninsula where genetic material has been identified and then selected over the centuries. The cocoa beans of this particular variety are completely white and give the chocolate an incredible natural sweetness and roundness.


Criollo is a rare and fragile variety of cocoa and represents only 0.001% of the cocoa produced in the world. The quality of this cocoa has no equal being free of tannins, which give the product harshness and astringency. In fact, Criollo boasts a unique creaminess, roundness, and sweetness.


Domori has recovered this precious variety of cocoa that risked extinction, giving rise to the largest plantation in the world in Venezuela. From this, we receive the raw material that we transform every day through the shortest and purest recipe in the world.


In the mouth, this chocolate is characterized by delicate notes of milk cream, honey, and dried fruit. Chuao Domori, produced with 70% cocoa paste and 30% cane sugar, is the perfect chocolate for those who love sweetness but do not want to exceed sugar.

Ingredients: Chuao cocoa beans, cane sugar. May contain traces of soy, milk, and nuts.

Preservation notes: The product must be stored in a cool, dry, odorless location at a temperature between 14 ° and 20 ° C.

Energy Value

Kcal: 554, KJ 2304


37 g

of which saturated

14 g


42 g

of which sugars

29 g


8.5 g


9.0 g


0.14 g

Criollo Chuao 70%

Download (254.37k)

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