Trinitario 100%

Trinitario 100%

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Pure cocoa mass and nothing else. A single ingredient for infinite aromatic hues: dried fruit, caramel, honey, toasted bread... An absolute experience. An extreme passion.

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Energy Kcal: 625.5 , KJ 2489.5
Fat 53.5 g
Satured Fat 20 g
Carbohydrate 15.5 g
Sugars 1.0 g
Fiber 12.0 g
Protein 14.5 g
Sal 0.2g

Trinitario Chocolate bar 50 g dark chocolate: cocoa min. 100% 

Ingredients: Cocoa mass.

May contains traces of nuts, milk and soy.
25 g. 

Store at 14 - 20 °C (57-68°F).