The story of Domori begins with a dream: to go to the soul of chocolate by sourcing the raw materials, the cocoa beans, from where the chocolate industry had never been. In fact, Domori is the first chocolate company in the world to process only high-quality cocoa, also knows as aromatic cocoa.  In processing the aromatic cocoa, the presence of the human touch has an equal importance to the quality of the raw material.  Only the careful and expert hands of Domori expert craftsman are able to ensure that the diversity of aromas of the cocoa are maintained and enhanced in the final chocolate.
To go where no one has ever been with chocolate, rescuing the pure essence of the noble cocoa, is Domori’s passion. A project and a magnificent obsession that aims at involving all the stakeholders of its world: the farmers, the production experts, the distribution network, the media, customers and consumers.

None, Turin: where cocoa becomes Domori

The Italian heart of Domori is its None factory, in the province of Torino, which was designed and built to preserve the sensory identity of the different varieties of cocoa in the processing of extra fine chocolate.  Here, once a month, bags of cocoa beans arrive in a dozen varieties of aromatic cocoa. It is a place where the processing has a low impact on the cocoa beans, because it is based on low temperatures, with a few processing machines and a few processing cycles.

Hacienda San José, Venezuela: home of Criollo

The Domori supply chain has its indigenous heart in Paria, Venezuela, in the Hacienda San José. A generous but difficult land, to be treated with consideration and wisdom, where people are working to rescue the few plants available that can draw the best cocoa even in unfavorable situations. A world heritage for the taste of Criollo cocoa, the first and the most important center in the world for the recovery of its biodiversity and for its cultivation. Between trees of mango, papaya, mahogany, frangipani, banana, bromeliads, heliconias, palms and leguminous plants, the plantation covers a total area of 20 hectares, 185 of which are dedicated to cocoa with a density of 1,000 plants per hectare.

The company, which significantly contributed to the establishment of the chocolate cult, was founded in May 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni. Together with a financial partner, who also owned shares in the company, Gianluca Franzoni revolutionised the chocolate market. [...]
The chocolate quality produced by Domori is something very special. No other chocolatier has managed to produce such a constant and formative quality. Domori was and is the yardstick for all manufacturers worldwide. The scientific commitment for the cultivation of the cocoa beans and the collaboration with the Hacienda San José in Venezuela must be highlighted. The diversity of the rare beans, which are processed, is unique.

Chocolate - The Reference Standard 2016, Georg Bernardini


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