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Experience 2 gives you a wider selection from the Incantalia world, for tastes and sizes. Many magnificent products to try, experiment, taste and match.   

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Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar cane, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin. GLUTEN FREE. It may contain traces of milk, soy and nuts.

Weight: 500g.

Pack size: 16,5 x 17,5 x 2 cm

Storage notes: The product must be stored in a cool, dry, odor-free place at a temperature between 14 ° and 20 ° C.

Nutritional facts per 100g:

EnergyKcal : 585 -   KJ .2428
Fats 43 g
 - of which saturated 25 g
Carbohydrates 36.5 g
 - of which sugars 32 g
Proteins 8.5 g
Salt < 0.1 g

Giandujotti Pochette - 180g:

Ingredients: cane sugar, Piedmont hazelnuts PGI, cocoa mass, cocoa butter. Emulsifiers: soy lecithin.

ALLERGENS: hazelnut and soy. It may contain traces of other nuts and milk.

Weight: 180g.

Storage notes: the product must be stored in a cool, dry, odourless place and at a temperature between 14°C and 20°C.

Nutritional facts per 100g:

Energy570 Kcal - 2372 kj 
Fats 38.0 g
 - of which saturated 12.0 g
Carbohydrates 47.5 g
 - of which sugars 44.0 g
Fiber 5.0 g
Proteins 7.0 g
Salt 0.0 g

Almond and Sicily's Lemon shortbread biscuits - 160g:

Ingredients: Italian wheat flour (organic single variety spelled), French butter, icing sugar (sugar, corn starch), shelled almonds from Val di Noto 5.17%, Sicilian lemon zest 4.14% (lemon peel, sugar , glucose syrup), eggs from free-range hens, whole sea salt.

ALLERGENS: contains milk and derivatives, eggs and gluten. It may contain traces of nuts, peanuts, sesame and soy.

Storage notes: the product must be stored in a place from 15 to 20 °, cool and dry, away from heat sources.

Pack size: 15x5,5x20 cm

Weight: 160g

Nutritional facts per 100g:

EnergyKcal : 516 - KJ 2156
Fats 27.0 g
 - of which saturated 17.0 g
Carbohydrate 58.0 g
 - of which sugars 20.0 g
Fibers 2.3 g
Proteins 9.0 g
Salt 0.3 g

Coffret Imagine

Assortment of 5 flavored green teas:

ÔRIENTAL, flavored green tea - 4 sachets: green tea, aromas (passion fruit, peach bush, wild strawberry), flower petals.

SPICY COCO, flavored green tea - 4 sachets: green tea, spices (cinnamon, cardamom, pink peppers, cloves), aromas (coconut, passion fruit), flower petals.

PALM BEACH, flavored green tea - 4 sachets: green tea, orange peel, flavors (banana, green apple, pineapple) and lime essential oil, blueberry pieces.

TEA VERT A LA MENTHE, flavored green tea - 4 sachets: green tea, mint and peppermint leaves, natural mint aroma.

MANDARIN JASMIN, green tea scented with jasmine - 4 sachets: green tea, jasmine flowers.

Net weight: 40 g

Dimensions : 17/6/13 cm

Strawberry Extra Jam Agrimontana - 350g

Ingredients: strawberries, brown sugar, lemon juice. It contains 70g of fruit per 100g.

Weight: 350 g

Nutritional values for 100g: 

Energy255Kcal/1082 kJ
Fat 0 g
of wchic saturated 0 g
Carbohydrate 62 g
of which sugars 60 g
Fibers 0 g
Proteins 0.6 gr
Salt 0 g

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