Mazzalùa - Sparkling soft drink - 0,75l

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Mazzalùa is a sparkling drink without alcohol that comes from the encounter between the precious grape must and the essential natural vinegar. A lively drink, thanks to its rich and very fine foam. A satisfying drinkability, thanks to the perfect alchemy between softness and acidity.


Mazzalùa was created to satisfy the tastes of those who want to enjoy a fresh, pleasant, sophisticated and sparkling product, without having to worry about its alcohol content.

From a sensorial point of view, Mazzalùa is manifested by a gently acidic gustatory note, enriched by a fruity touch caressed by a natural roundness, evident in the sweetness of grape must. The four founding members invested constancy, resources and research to eliminate the instability typical of vinegar and make the most of the must in the Mazzalùa blend. To complete the drink, a lively touch of carbon dioxide (CO2) is added, which serves both as a natural preservative and as an element of joy, thanks to the vibrant and playful foam that is formed.

Research and commitment have led to the creation of a seemingly simple but intrinsically complex product. No additional additive is used, since the bouquet of Mazzalùa is completely natural and derives from the skilful combination of vinegar of naturally aged wines and grape must. 

  • Tasting: The color is bright straw yellow decorated with fine bubbles; the smell evokes varietal notes of vinous vinegar aged in wood; scent of grape must, white flowers, raspberry, strawberry. The palate is creamy, lively, fresh. Pleasantly soft and harmoniously honeyed.

  • Moments: Uncork a bottle of Mazzalùa, observe its fine bubbles, taste its sweet freshness, gives an exciting satisfaction even to those who do not want to drink alcohol! Sparkling and non-alcoholic, excellent for dinner with friends, for toasts in the family, for young consumers and pregnant women. Also ideal for mixology artists.

  • Food pairing: At table Mazzalùa marries oysters, marinated fish, cold cuts, fresh and aged cheeses; salads; savory or sweet focaccia; dove and panettone; fruit salads.

Ingredients: must from white grapes; naturally aged wine vinegar; carbon dioxide; salt. Contains naturally occurring sugars. Alcohol-free.

Litres: 0.750

Allergens: sulphites

Serving temperature: 3/4 ºC

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