Mazzalùa, the first Italian soft bubble produced with naturally aged vinegars and grape must. A soft, sparkling drink created to satisfy palates who want to enjoy a fresh, pleasant, refined and sparkling product, without worrying about its alcohol content.

Enjoying a good cocktail or drinking a bubble that does not necessarily contain alcohol is an interesting phenomenon that in recent years has achieved increasing success. Mazzalùa was created to satisfy palates eager to taste a fresh, pleasant, refined and foamy product, without worrying about its alcohol content.

A drink dedicated to all those who do not consume alcohol for medical, dietary, religious or cultural reasons or for those who are particularly attentive to their well-being. A lively drink, thanks to its rich and very fine foam. A satisfying sorbency, thanks to the perfect alchemy between softness and acidity; a unique blend, thanks to the secret recipe, in balance between the ancient Roman vinegar-based drink, and the inclusion of the bold contemporary "sparkling".

Mazzalùa takes its name from the strip of land between the Italian and Slovenian hills, which in ancient times originated great wines, noble precursors of natural vinegar. A unique, real name, with a pleasant but characteristic sound, which recalls the land of birth, the Northeast, and which attributes a sign of gratitude to the terroir, all emanating elegance and pleasantness.

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