The taste of nature enclosed in every single pack of Agrimontana products.

"Only a company that pursues the dream of offering the best of the natural can undertake the enterprise of capturing spring and making it available every day of the year." (Cesare Bardini, founder of Agrimontana)

Offer the best of the natural, offer nature itself and allow everyone to savor it, discover it, fall in love with it. This is the dream that, in 1972, led to the creation of Agrimontana, a leading company in processed fruit. A company that, after two generations, works excellent raw materials according to the purest artisan techniques: hands, passion and nature are the cornerstones of Agrimontana.

But Agrimontana is much more. It is a family to which the founder Cesare Bardini has transferred the essence of him. A family made up of his brother Enrico, responsible for the Agrimontana vision in Italy and abroad, his sons Luigi, commercial and financial engine, and Chiara, guardian of taste and philosophy. A large family also made up of company workers who select the candied fruits one by one who monitor the application process with dedication, from collaborators, from farmers, from suppliers who share with us the passion of working side by side with nature, from professionals who use the products, by the customers who taste them and benefit from the work of an entire supply chain.

All this is Agrimontana, territory, craftsmanship, technology, excellence. We are all of this: a journey towards nature and the interpretations of the taste of pastry chefs, cooks and ice cream makers. A journey that starts from unconditional love for the true tradition that makes passion a profession.

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