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Regina Case Agrimontana - Expires 30/06/2023

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[ Expires 30/06/2023 ]

A gift box with the excellence of Italian honey, signed Agrimontana, processed without heat treatments.

Orange blossom honey with its intense and fragrant, floral and fruity taste, is accompanied by the fine fragrances of two jars of Integral Virgin Honeydew Honey and Acacia Honey 


[ Expires 30/06/2023 ]

The production of good quality honey begins in the selection of the collection areas, as it is from the environment that the bees draw the raw material.

For this reason, Agrimontana selects, from Piedmont to Sicily, beekeepers who have honeycombs in pristine collection points in line with its excellent idea of ​​quality!

The results of this collection are found in honeys that reflect the variety of their origins and keep their nutritional properties intact, thanks to cold centrifugation: a method that allows preserving the enzymes, trace elements, polyphenols and mineral salts of the honey itself .

This kit contains:

Orange Blossom Honey - 400 g: Honey of great aromatic intensity between floral and fruity, with an intense smell and a very light color, tending to white.

Acacia Honey - 42 g: Characterized by a very delicate flavor, slightly reminiscent of the scent of flowers, with hints of vanilla. It is one of the few honeys found in nature in liquid form, thanks to its particular sugar composition

Honeydew honey - 42 g: With a less sweet taste than other nectar honey, it has a characteristic aftertaste of malt and prunes. Always excellent to spread thanks to its particular characteristic of not undergoing crystallization, it has a dark color and an intense and penetrating smell.

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