Criollo Chocolate - Gelato Libre Brick 1L

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The innovation of ice cream signed Domori!

Gelato libre, the new avant-garde ice cream, which uses only cocoa and dried fruit, the only ingredients to guarantee the maximum expression of the raw material, which is enhanced by the water in terms of aromas and creaminess.

Try the water-based ice cream, which frees the raw material from the "slavery" of milk and eggs and best enhances its qualities.

Good, creamy, vegan and innovative: do not miss the fantastic Criollo Chocolate taste, a precious ingredient capable of being reborn in a thousand forms, giving harmony and intensity of taste.


GELATO LIBRE PER AQUAM is the innovative project by Gianluca Franzoni, president and founder of Domori, which breaks the traditional canons of ice cream, promoting a new way of understanding it.

Moving away from the tradition that generally associates ice cream with raw materials such as milk and eggs, Gelato Libre is the first water-based ice cream, the simplest ingredient, able to enhance and bring out the purest and most precious organoleptic characteristics of dried fruit, which therefore remains the true protagonist!

All the taste of Criollo Chocolate in a 1L brick to be used comfortably in your home. Its creaminess will amaze you! Thanks to the use of a noble raw material with at least 50% of fatty substance, the creamy consistency is obtained in a completely natural way thanks to the emulsion phase.

Easy to prepare:

  • Pour the ice cream mixture from the brick into the batch freezer;
  • Start production by setting (depending on the batch freezer model used) the processing time until the desired consistency is obtained;
  • Here for you, ready to be served, for fresh moments full of taste! (Serving temperature: between 8 ° C and 14 ° C)
Chocolate Criollo flavor: It is a mixture of three varieties (Porcelana, Chuao and Canoabo) coming from the Venezuelan fields owned by Domori. The unmistakable aroma of hazelnuts, cream, and honey.
Ingredients: water, Criollo cocoa paste (14%), dextrose, salt. Thickeners: locust bean gum and xanthan gum.
The product does not require temperature-controlled storage until opened. Once opened it can be kept in the fridge for 2 days.
Shelf Life: 12 months

Pack size: 9,5x6,5x17 cm

Nutritional Values ​​per 100g:
Energy175 Kcal 734 kJ 
Fats 7 g
of which saturated 3 g
Carbohydrates 25 g
of which sugars 23 g
Proteins 2 g
Salt 0.2 g

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